New Water Meter Program

The Authority is upgrading all water meters to new cellular technology that will read and transmit water consumption on a daily basis.  Every account in our service area will be visited for a new meter installation.

Benefits of the new technology include:

*  Enable the Authority and customer to retrieve consumption daily to alert any excessive or suspicious usage which could indicate a costly leak

*   Provide a safe, efficient and accurate method of collecting water consumption

*   Enable the Authority to operate our entire system in an efficient and balanced manner with accurate consumption data

The Authority has contracted with American Utility Contractors to install the new meters.  AUC personnel will be wearing AUC apparel and driving AUC vehicles.  Installations will take no longer than 30 minutes, so you may be without water for approximately 10 minutes during the installation.  AUC workers need clear access to your water meter, which is usually located in your front yard.  Please understand there is no additional charge to the customer for this important upgrade!